Transforming an artisan workshop into an international brand

Hérès, France


Brand Strategy, Logo, Brand Identity,
Brand Messaging, Client Experience,
Art Direction, Photography, Web Design

The best stonemason workshop in Europe, famous for its technical mastery and unique industrial tools, decided to reposition itself by creating a new name and new visual identity.

Brand identity

We have been missioned to create the brand and to develop its identity through all communication canals: website, social media, brochure, catalogues, media…

Successful collaboration during several years where we established Heres on international professional market.

The promise:
“Living in classical architecture”

An appealing baseline to enter the world of Hérès.


A feeling of majesty and sovereignty. For the website we used a classical language: symmetrical, centered, with beautiful dropcaps like in an old book.

Logo & visual identity


We choose to draw from the tradition of a classical architecture using the drawing of Trianon palace in Versailles.


In order to communicate with professionals and promoters, we created several brochures explaining and simplifying the complex technical process of Heres mastery.