Two partners, three cultures
Masha & Emma


Based in Paris, Frontline studio is a design firm specialized in visual identity with an international approach, inspired by Masha’s & Emma’s multi-cultural roots and experience.

Through the language of visual arts, we pursue our fascination for the aesthetics in messaging, focusing on both simplicity and elegance.

We are:

2 partners, 3 cultures (French-American-Russian),
3 languages and infinite possibilities.

We have:

20 year’s experience in branding and corporate communication.

We believe:

A brand is like a character in a story. It has its personality, sex appeal, qualities and defaults and evolves in time.

Masha Kontchakova

Born in Russia, Masha is an art director based in Paris.  She has a rich experience as a Communication Director of International Luxury Groups. She has created and developed the image of Vitra France and La Cornue.  In 2013 she founded a communications agency MKGB, specializing in promoting French exceptional artisan makers. Masha has experience in all stages of communication, from marketing and tool creation to media and public relations. Her rich and diverse experience gives her a global vision of brands in terms of meaning, consistency and effectiveness in communication as well as enabling her to take a demanding, creative and stimulating look at emerging and developing brands.

Emma Brante

Emma Brante is a Franco-American art director based in Paris.  She graduated from the ESAG Met de Penninghen in Paris.  She has worked abroad at QuA Design in Amsterdam, Base Design in Bruxelles, Ruedi Baur and Assouline in Paris.  Emma creates and develops identities of new or already existing brands. She helps expand their business success. Her range of expertise is extremely wide having worked with financial organisms, media, cultural institutions, creators of luxury items, designers and craftsmen.  Her main goal is to create and refashion a global identity, which includes art direction on image, graphic design and logo.  Her work reflects sensitive brand positioning, highest sense of detail and elegance.