Deux Couronnes, creating an armagnac brand inspired by Henri IV, King of France & Navarre.

Deux Couronnes, Armagnac

Story Telling, Naming, Brand Platform, Global Identity, Visual Strategy, Logo, Branding, Packaging, Corporate Photography

Photo by © Masha Kontchakova

Naming: inventing a name that carries the brand into an inspiring world, beyond the limits of its product.

Storytelling: developing a story and brand platform with unlimited potential.

Brand identity: explore the diversity of visual codes associated with the figure of Henri IV.

Drawing on the imaginary: learning about stories & history.

Building a brand identity with the potential for endorsement of different products.

Photography: talk about the product through a portrait of its terroir.

Logo & visual principles: pulling the strings of a rich historical visual canvas.

Through the brand, the discovery of a world of myths and stories.

Going for the romantic…

Breaking away from the usual codes: bringing armagnac into a poetic universe and vocabulary.