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Art direction,
Photo Campaign for web & social media,
Global visual identity,
Corporate Photography

A journey through the rebirth of the iconic Orient-Express train. Behind the scenes, the poetry of the raw and the creation of a living archive of untold stories.


Art Direction, Photography, Production

Photographer © Masha Kontchakova

Cultivating the rare

Groupe Bollinger

Global Identity, Baseline, Logo, Visual Strategy, Web Identity & Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography & Illustration

Web site

Photo by © Masha Kontchakova

Founded in 1829, the Bollinger Group is an independent, family-owned group of champagne, wine & spirits Houses.

Logo & Global Identity

Creating a New Baseline

Against the trend for uniformity of flavour, the Bollinger Group’s Houses are distinguished by their commitment to reveal the typicity of their terroirs.

Photography: portraying the terroirs

Creating a New Corporate Website

Creating a series of Images & Photographing the Essence of Nature

Highlighting the Group’s Values

Learning about Stories & History

Organic French Bubbly, 0.0% Alcohol: Pop-up the Bubble!

French Bloom

E-shop, Web Design, Brand Messaging, Client Experience, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography

Web site

©Oliver Pilcher

French Bloom is the fruit of a bi-cultural friendship between Constance Jablonski and Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger.

Both wanted, through their female led brand, to give an alternative and inviting drink to those wanting to celebrate elegantly and differently, making the most of the precious moments shared with friends and family.

Art Direction For a New Art de Vivre

Photography: A Feeling of Lightness of Being

No Party Without Alcohol?
For Us, That is Totally… Passé!

The More the Merrier: Elevating the Moment for Everyone

Naturally Excellent
Completely Innovative
Perfectly Balanced

Epicuria Architects creates public, school, cultural and sports facilities. Clarity, luminosity, functionality, such is their credo.

Epicuria Architects

Global Identity, Baseline, Logo, Visual Strategy, Web Identity & Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography

Web site

Epicuria Architects has dedicated its work for over 20 years to places of study and knowledge.

Logo & Global Identity

Creating a New Website

Photography, Portrait of the Team

Building together : a team portrait that looks like a cena featuring a game between the individual members of the Epicuria team.

Haircare, for curls only.

Tropikal Bliss

Brand Strategy, E-shop, Web Design,
Brand Messaging, Client Experience,
Art Direction, Photography

Web site

Photo © Masha Kontchakova Frontline Studio, © Kasia Matenska


The position of Tropikal Bliss is clear: vegan products based on fruits for all types of curly hair. That was a good start!

Our job was to create a visual world that could express all of these ideas in one image.

Happy Curls – was our answer.  It meant happy girls, fresh fruits, sunny light and a dynamic feeling of joy and health.

Dynamic, fun, fresh!

We based the Tropikal Bliss’s brand identity on striking and lively photography where fruits look so fresh that you want to eat them and girls look so happy that you want to know them.

The artistic direction is based on a spontaneous feeling of happiness and joy.