Founded in 1829, the Bollinger Group is an independent, family-owned group of champagne, wine & spirits Houses

Groupe Bollinger

Global Identity, Baseline, Logo, Visual Strategy, Web Identity & Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography & Illustration

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Photo by © Masha Kontchakova

The Bollinger Group is united around a single vocation, developing excellence and entrepreneurial spirit at a human scale, with respect for people, terroirs and the environment.

Logo & Global Identity

Creating a New Baseline

Against the trend for uniformity of flavour, the Bollinger Group’s Houses are distinguished by their commitment to reveal the typicity of their terroirs.

Creating a New Corporate Website


Creating a series of Images & Photographing the Essence of Nature

Highlighting the Group’s Values

Learning about Stories & History

Organic French Bubbly, 0.0% Alcohol: Pop-up the Bubble!

French Bloom

E-shop, Web Design, Brand Messaging, Client Experience, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography

Web site

©Oliver Pilcher

French Bloom is the fruit of a bi-cultural friendship between Constance Jablonski and Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger.

Both wanted, through their female led brand, to give an alternative and inviting drink to those wanting to celebrate elegantly and differently, making the most of the precious moments shared with friends and family.

Art Direction For a New Art de Vivre

Photography: A Feeling of Lightness of Being

No Party Without Alcohol?
For Us, That is Totally… Passé!

The More the Merrier: Elevating the Moment for Everyone

Naturally Excellent
Completely Innovative
Perfectly Balanced

Bringing a luxury feeling to a starred restaurant in Amsterdam.

Wils restaurant, Amsterdam

Logo design, Brand Identity,


Logo & visual identity

Both chic and relaxed, WILS restaurant signed by young Dutch star chef Joris Bijdendijk, faces the Amsterdam Olympic stadium built by architect Jan Wils, which hosted the 1928 Olympics.



The flame that inspired the design of the W monogram refers both to the Olympic flame and to Joris Bijdendijk’s unique wood-fired cooking technique.


Collateral items




Managing the brand image in order to bring it to new young consumers

La Cornue

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity,
Brand Messaging, Brand Communication,
Art Direction, Photography,
Press, Public relations,
Launch Conception & Organisation

For five years we created and managed the worldwide image and PR department for La Cornue, a benchmark for excellence in the world of gastronomy. Managing the company’s French heritage and its representation throughout the world were the objectives of my mission as was the development of contemporary products for a new audience.

Drawing up marketing plans and new products, managing press agencies around the world, creating communication tools, launching new products, running events in the retailer network, public relations… I managed these missions and actions all over the world.

We designed with the help of a graphic design studio all the brand’s PR tools: sales offers, sales tools, cooking lessons, invitations, press kits…

The most relevant projects are explained in more detail on other pages on the website.

Showing the product as one would show a piece of jewelry

Advertisement campaigns & press images

How to enrich the historical world famous brand and bring them further: collab La Cornue & Lex Pott

Collab La Cornue by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Launch a traditional brand into a world of design 

The creation of the “La Cornue by Wilmotte” line was a challenge for this manufacturer known for its traditional style. MKGB was consulted to organise a global launch with the press, retailers and customers.

La Cornue attended the Milan Furniture Show for the very first time. MKGB centralised the work of over ten PR agencies for the press international coverage.

Feeding the press, art direction, shooting, production…

Variation for the Foodistas generation

Showing by hiding: campaign for La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot

Art direction
Photo production


Revealing rareness through discretion and luxury through mystery.

For Veuve Clicquot’s most prestigious line La Grande Dame, the idea was to show the bottle by hiding it. Focusing and showing specific details of La Grande Dame on each image.

Positioning a small business in a luxury market

Un jour, du ciel

Logo Design, Brand Identity,
Packaging Design

Un jour, du ciel is a beekeeping house and a brand of honey created by Éric Mézan. 

We wanted to create a luxury product with a particular flavor that carries with it a form of modesty, a thousand-year-old simplicity that has value only in authenticity.

The visual identity responds to aesthetic codes that are both noble and monastic. The use of a serif typeface evokes a world of tradition, the icon of the bee, very graphic, doesn’t take its source in any related reference.

Logo & monogram design

Graphic language & codes

Packaging design